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tv   Piers Morgan Live  CNN  March 17, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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an unsuspecting car salesman gets the ride of his life. take a look. >> okay, ease off just a little bit. ease up. you are liable for any damages to the vehicle. please stop the car. stop, stop, stop! oh, [ bleep ]! you're an idiot. i'm going to kill you. >> it was all just fun. >> we should note the man behind the wheel has serious experience. that's jeff gordon. he disguised himself and took this poor car salesman on a wild ride. the entire thing was recorded for a pepsi max commercial. it's gotten more than 22 million hits since being posted just five days ago. we should note that many critics believe the video to be a fake. many people in "newsroom" think it's fake. pepsi and gordon remain mum on that. we thought it was cool enough to be our moment of the week. that poor guy.
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i'm don lemon at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. thanks for watching. good night.
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. >> i'm not asking you about the possibility. i'm asking you if you're telling us that within 62 seconds, you drop the camera because that's what pre-sicipitates these thin that in the 62 seconds between that photograph and exhibit 162, you are body slammed, you get away, you go down the hallway, you go in the closet, you get the gun, you go into the bathroom, you shoot him. he goes down, he's still pawing at you and saying [ bleep ] kill you. and then after you're able to
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get away, you go get the knife and he ends up at the end of the hallway, all in 62 seconds, that's what you're telling us? >> no, that's not what i'm saying. he didn't say [ bleep ] kill you until after i got away. he said it right as i broke away. >> in order to even describe the death, and its most rudimentary way, it takes more than 62 seconds to just tell the story of how travis alexander was in the shower posing for sexy shower photos at jodi arias' request, that she dropped the digital camera that he loved, his new camera, that he became infuriated until though he had never had this reaction in the past when she had blown out his car and slashed his tires and called his girlfriends and hacked into his e-mail and
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hacked in to his bank accounts. but this time when she croppdro the camera, he became enraged, went after her, that she ran into his closet, slammed the door, climbed on a shelf that could only hold 40 pounds, got on top of another shelf, grabbed a gun that only she knew about that was full of live ammunition and cocked. >> if it wasn't loaded and you told us before that mr. alexander told you it wasn't loaded, right? >> he told me both, yes. >> you told that to the jury, right? >> yes. >> and mr. alex ander said it's not loaded, right? >> he said it's not loaded, but one day he said it is loaded. >> he told you it was unloaded. >> initially it assured me it was not loaded.
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>> and you also take your belief that you think it's unloaded based on what he told you and you run into this closet to get that. what were you going to do with the gun, throw it at him? >> objection. mischaracterizes testimony. argumentative. >> sustained. >> what were you going to do if it's unloaded? >> i testified that i pointed it at him. >> that he body slammed her, that she shot the gun, pulled the trigger. >> you would agree that it requires you to put your finger on the trigger and pull it for to fire, right? >> that's my understanding, yes. >> well, you were there, right? >> kre. >> so you fired the gun, you shot him in the head and you killed him, right? >> objection, your honor. mischaracterizes. >> overruled. >> right?
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>> yeah. >> but even though that bullet ripped through part of travis alexander's brain, he still continued to to considers and yell a curse and yell at her, a gunshot wound that would have been fatal, he continued to pursue her. instead of leaving, she ran back into the bathroom where she proceeded to stab him 29 times and drag him back into the shower? just telling that story takes longer than 62 seconds. his single miles card blacked him out here and here. he should have used... the capital one venture card. he's coming to us from home. hey fellas... hey baby, you want mama to iron your undies? nice tightie whities. i didn't know mrs. barkley made quilts. really?
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all right, give me a spot. you know my motto: safety first.
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they could be dangerous. i think we should call animal control. animal control? psh. to be safe... don't worry. i got this. it's a new motto. announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. there are thousands of teens in foster care who don't need perfection, they need you. i must say that the jury questioning of jodi arias has been one of the most devastating cross-examines that i've ever seen. >> you said you remember putting
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the knife in the dishwasher, but you also say you don't remember anything after dropping the knife on the bathroom tile. which is correct? >> both. i know he was trying to pin me down, but i have a vague memory of putting the knife in the dishwasher. i'm just not sure if it's the memory from june 4th or if i'm confusing it with a prior incident because i've done dishes in that house many times. and we did use his knife, so it's possible that that knife went back into the dishwasher. >> that's the risk you take when you put a client on the stand especially in the handful of injuries dicks that allow jury questioning, they don't mess around, all right? they get down to it and they ask them questions that you want to ask, that i want to ask. >> you are stating you believe you stabbed travis based on logic. how do you explain the blood on your hands and clothes and the
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bloody palm print on the wall? >> well, i do know we struggled that day. and i mean, based on logic, it would have been how we fought. i don't know how things ended up where they did, i just know that we were fighting physically. >> in response to jury questions, martinez, the prosecutor, got jodi arias to admit that at the time she shot travis alexander -- now, remember the medical examiner contends that the shooting was last, that all the stabs, the 29 slashing stabbings were first, and then the gunshot. but the prosecution got arias to say that when she shot the travis alexander, she did not have a knife with her.
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which makes her story even more implausible. >> at some point, you do remember that you had the knife in your hand, correct? >> i don't remember that part. >> do you remember at some point indicating to this jury that you dropped the knife? will do you remember saying that? >> i do remember that, yes. >> so if you dropped the knife, where did you drop it from if not your hand? >> presumably my hand. i don't remember whether i gripped it. >> did i ask you whether you were gripping the knife? >> you didn't use those words specifically. >> i asked you whether or not the knife was in your hand. do you remember that? >> i don't remember you wording it that way. >> did you drop the knife? >> yes, i did. >> did you tell that to the jury? >> yes. >> did you tell them that you screamed? >> yes. >> so then the knife was in your hand, right? >> yes, it was. >> and this issue about gripping has nothing to do with it, does
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it. >> i would think it would. >> do you think how strong you were gripping it is important? >> i wasn't talking about the strength of the grip. >> that was the question. >> will you repeat that? >> did you think how strongly you were gripping it is important to this case? >> objection. argumentative. >> overruled. >> i wouldn't know. >> you brought it up. you seem to think it was important. >> objection, argumentative. >> sustained. >> you did have the knife in your hand, right? >> yes. >> it was after the shooting according to you, right? >> yes. >> and you previously had seen that knife in the bedroom, right? >> i don't recall. i think it was at one point, but i know it was definitely in the bathroom, but it may have gone into the bedroom. >> and you did drop the knife, right? >> yes, i did. >> and after dropping the knife, you took it with you, right?
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>> objection. >> overruled. >> took it where? >> i don't know. i'm asking you. where did you take it? >> i have no idea. >> you don't remember -- you said you dropped the knife, right? >> yes, i remember that. >> when the jury asked the question about i asked you did you take certain items, do you remember that? >> yes. >> and you said the gun, right? >> i remember the gun. >> and a number of other items that you took, right? >> just the items i remember -- >> objection. >> overruled. >> items i remember are my luggage of course and i remember the rope and i remember the gun. i don't remember having the knife at any point after i was a little more lucid. >> so, what, as he was body slamming her and beating her within an inch of her life, after he had been shot, she took the time after she shoots him to go run and find a butcher knife and come back and then stab him 29 times? that doesn't even make sense. her story is falling apart as we
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you are body slammed, you get away, you go down the hallway, you go in the closet, you get the gun, you go into the bathroom again, you then turn
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around and you shoot him. he goes down, he's still pawing at you and saying [ bleep ] kill you. and then after you're able to get away, you go get the knife and he ends up at the end of the hallway, all in 62 seconds. that's what you're telling us? >> no, that's not what i'm saying. and he didn't say [ bleep ] until i got away. he said it right as i broke away. >> quite often we see jodi arias not answering a question directly. she elaborates, she skirts around it, she never really answers it. she tries to leave herself wiggle room. why? for closing argument purposes so she won't have in her own mind really been trapped in an answer. >> the fog or the confusion only begins when he starts screaming or if there's a fear that maybe
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there will be tension or some kind of escalation of apg eange violence and then certain incidents such as the physical pain is chris caltalirystallize. >> she thinks she wiggled out of it, not the giving the prosecution what they went. but what she doesn't realize, by avoiding direct questions bypro looks like she's evading the truth. and if the truth were on her side, she would not have to evade it. >> more or less you're condemned to hell. >> for life, right? >> yes. >> you really don't follow the book of mormon when you told that to the jury, you don't follow it, do you? >> objection. argu argumentative. >> overruled. >> you're talking about what time period? >> well, i'm talking about your life, ma'am. this is what we're talking about. isn't it true that you told the jury that this book sort of
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governs the way you style your life, right? >> i didn't say that. >> no, it doesn't govern your life? isn't that what you just talked about? >> she would look at the jury and tell them what happened, exactly what happened. >> ma'am, were you crying when you were shooting him? >> i don't remember. >> were you crying when you were stabbing him? >> i don't remember. >> how about when you can cut his throat, were you crying then? >> i don't know. >> so take it look then. you're the one that did this, right? >> yes. >> and you're the same individual that lied about all this, right? >> yes. >> so then take a look at it. >> but she needs wiggle room. why? because she can't tell the jury the truth, that she was angry and scorned. >> why did you confront travis after seeing him with another woman through his backyard
2:28 am
window if it was not due to jealousy? >> i felt because he was making an effort, this was also right after he had -- we had just slept together consents asually he said all these things. so i felt like we were getting back together. and when i saw that it seemed in contrast to what he had been it willing me for the last month, month of that. so what my intention to do was to go there and just find out what's the -- >> why did she confront him. >> i'm explaining why. >> you may continue. >> so my intention of going over there was not out of jealous city, but because i wanted to know where i stood. are we still trying, if he had a girlfriend. i just wanted to know. >> pure yus that travis f furio another woman over her. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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you know, i really thought i had seen and heard it all after trying well over 100 felony cases, taking pleas on over 10,000 felony cases, and giving birth to twins. but now it's all been topped with transient global amnesia. >> with regard to transient amnesic syndromes, is that the title of the article that you relied upon? >> yes. >> and you can tell us what this article has to say? >> basically it says that tell
2:33 am
informationally circumscribed amnesia, which means time limited amnesia, from the staepting point to the end point, is associated with a specific and unusually emotionally charged event such as a criminal event. the interesting thing is that the data shows that the proportion of amnesia is proportional to the violence of the offense and up to 30% of convicted homicide cases have amnesia claimed at trial. and it's been established that perpetrators of horrible crimes can also develop post dramatic stress disorder for having acted as the source of the crime. for example, soldiers, our soldiers in afghanistan, report post-traumatic stress disorder because they were involved in the killing of the enemy. police officers, people that i treated who shoot a victim either accidentally or on purpose deliberately in the line
2:34 am
of duty also could develop post-traumatic stress disorder. >> that is the defense. that jodi arias in just the few moments it took to slash and stab and shoot travis alexander to death, in those few moments she can't remember thinking?, - she is in a, quote, fog. >> in the moments of stress or fog, how do you recall what happened in those moments if it affects your memory? >> i don't recall clearly what happens in those moments as far as details, every detail. i just -- sometimes i have a general sense of what's going on and sometimes i don't. but as far as the fog goes, it's more again just words that are being spoken or screamed or yelled and that's what processing that sort of thing, physical things i can remember because i feel them physically. i can remember what i feel internally and emotionally, as well. but it's more the words that are
2:35 am
being spoken and their meanings, but i do remember what i feel if that makes sense. >> and more shocking, did you know that transient global amnesia can be brought on by sex? >> in the general population between 3 and 8 people per 100,000 people each year sxer s experience transient global amnesia. the amazing thing is, here are the things that can cause that. sudden immersion in cold or hot water. physical exertion. emotional or psychological stress. pain. medical procedures. sexual intercourse. and similar events have been observed in 50% to 90% of these documented attacks of transient global amnesia. >> i guess we're all in trouble, huh. it could also be brought on by
2:36 am
stress. now i know we're in trouble. so their defense is actually going to be that she can't remember slashing her lover to death in the shower stall because she had too much sex or was under stress? are you kidding me? and he's absolutely saying this with a straight face. another fact that was revealed that i found shocking, that i don't know if anybody else knows, but i noticed it, jodi arias lied to her own shrink, to her own psychologist. i've averaged out the time that he spent with her. he has spent on the average four treatments a year with her. he has seen her four times a year. and for about half that time, she lied to him in her own defense using that ridiculous
2:37 am
anyone gentlem ninja theory that they broke in and killed him and let her go after her information off her driver's license of course. she stuck with that story for about half the time that she was with this shrink for the defense. so that narrows it down to about six sessions in all six meetings at all in life. and he has come up with her having transient global amnesia? i'd be interested to find out if she's being treated for this condition. i don't think she is. it must have been a one time occurrence. coincidently when she murdered travis alexander. thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card.
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guaranteed. crest 3d white whitestrips.
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forensic psychologist dick samuels says that jodi arias is more confident, more in control and more pass in her life. >> when you first met ms. arias, what was her -- what was she like as far as selves esteem, her confidence level, in 2009? >> i felt that she was a woman with lowfves esteem, her confidence level, in 2009? >> i felt that she was a woman with low esteem, her confidence level, in 2009?
2:42 am
>> i felt that she was a woman with low self-estees esteem, her confidence level, in 2009? >> i felt that she was a woman with low self-estee esteem, her confidence level, in 2009? >> i felt that she was a woman with low self-esteem. i saw her pretty much as a passivi passivist. i realized she was confused. i expected that there was more to the story than she first revealed. of course i expressed some concern because in order to do a proper evaluation, you have to confront eventually stories that may seem to be improbable. >> did you notice any change in her self-esteem from then until more recently? >> yes. the end of last year, i found her to be more confident and more in control of her feelings. more positive about her life. she was very depressed when i first met her, she talked about suicide and so on. so the depression seemed to have lifted. >> is that relevant, do we care?
2:43 am
the point is what happened the day of the murder of travis alexander. i'm happy that jodi arias is more confident now. but what i really want to know about is the day she slashed and stabbed travis alexander 29 times. topping it all off by capping him in the head with a .25 and left him to die and rot in a wet shower stall. that's what i'm interested in. i'm not really interested in her holding hands in a group and feeti ing feeling confident. i don't care. and let me point out that this week we learned after nearly 20 days on the stand under oath, first we learned on i think day 17 that travis alexander had proposed marriage to her. oops, i forgot after my 17 days on the stand. >> but it still remains that i
2:44 am
cannot marry him. i can't put my finger on it, but something is just off with that boy. >> was the subject of marriage previous to january 124th, was that something that you and travis were discussing? >> yes, we discussed it prior to that date. >> and had he ever proposed to you? >> yeah, he did over the phone once. there were times when he said it jokingly, but that one over the phone i believed he was serious. >> you can't quite put your finger on it, but something is off with that boy. what did you mean by that? >> well that's kind of my indirect way of referring to his issues that were in my mind something i couldn't look past and accept. >> now we learn toward the end
2:45 am
of her testimony that she observed travis alexander load the 25. we've never heard that before ever in 18 days of testimony. >> so you believe that had that gun was unloaded, right? >> i believed him. >> no, you believed the gun was unloaded. i'm not asking whether believed him. i'm asking whether you believed the gun was unloaded. >> objection. >> overruled. >> well, i believed him when he showed me that when he first found it, but heed had loaded it at one point in early december. >> whether he loaded it -- that's something you didn't tell us before, right? >> i had mentioned it. i didn't say that he loaded it in early december, but i said at one point it was unloaded and then at one point he used it. >> so you're saying he used the gun. >> i don't mean if he fired it. i just know he loaded it and took it with him to go do something. >> and this is something that we're hearing for the first
2:46 am
time, right? >> no, i mentioned it briefly. it just wasn't expoundeded upon. >> okay. and this gun that you say that you saw him load, even though you saw him load it, you believed on june 2 w4 was unloa. >> i didn't check it. >> i didn't ask if you checked it. i'm asking for your state of mind. did you believe or not believe that the gun was loaded? what did you believe? >> objection. asked and answered. she said she didn't know. >> overruled. she may answer. >> i didn't stop to really think about whether it was loaded or not. the only time the gun came to my head, i grabbed it and pointed it and said -- >> ma'am, didn't you tell the jury when you were talking about the attack in response to one of their questions that you believed the gun was unloaded? do you remember saying that? yes or no? that's all i'm asking. yes or no. do you remember saying that is this.
2:47 am
>> i don't know. >> and if you lpyou listen to h testimony and compare it to the him testimony him her shrink,>>. >> and if you listen to her testimony and compare it to the him testimony him her shrink, i'll hear the same buzz words. she has tailored her testimony to his diagnosis and likewise. and i find that contrary to what i perceive justice is all about. you don't tailer your testimony to give and you better shot at winning. you tell the truth. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico,
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this week in court, we saw the use of an age old trick by the defense, and that is not submitting or adhering to the rules of evidence, the rules of court and the rules of discovery. as all you legal eagles know, the state, the prosecution, must turnover to the defense far in advance of the trial discovery. that means all the witnesses ooet names, their addresses, ways to reach them, sometimes especially a sum arrimary of th witness' testimony. all scientific records, including autopsy reports, crime scene analysis, you name it. photos. whatever they plan to use at trial, the defense must be privy to far in advance of trial. now, that discovery requirement is reciprocal. the defense must hand over certain things to the state, as
2:52 am
well. in this case, the defense, oops, forgot to hand over over 200 crime scene photos and more until mid trial. in fact the trial's closer to the end than the beginning. the state of course objected. let me just tell you that there has never been a felony case that i tried which is more than i can count where the defense did not have newly discovered evidence or something they forgot to give the state. it's critical that the state have the defense evidence and likewise so you can prepare a cross-examination of that evidence. the state had a little over an hour to prepare to cross-examine on these photos before the photos were discussed in direct, which is totally inappropriate
2:53 am
by the defense. it's either bad lawyering or it's intentionally deceptive by the defense. now, here's the the kicker. because defendants, not victims, not the state, have their rates protected under our constitution, look at the bill of rights. they don't say anything about protecting the victim, travis alexander. our founding fathers didn't think about travis alexander or other crime victims when the amendments were added. they all protect the accused. so what does that mean to us today in the jodi arias trial? that means if the state had pulled that a nanin sha nanny the there would be a mistrial or the evidence would not be handed this. because the defense did it, what's the remedy? prosecution, you'll have about 45 minutes to look at this before we begin our direct exam.
2:54 am
that was the cure. it's not very fair, is it. but that's the way the law works. and the judge was correct in her ruling under the law. that is the law. and as i have said, and this is a quote, i can't take credit for it, if that is the law, then the law is an ass.
2:55 am
2:56 am
hey, thanks for stopping by. you know, i've followed your character since the first episode. i'm a big fan, big, big fan... thank you. listen, your storyline makes for incredible tv drama. thing is, your drug use is very adult content. too adult for the kids. so, i'm gonna have to block you.
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aw, man. yeahh... well. have a good one. you're a nice lady. significant testimony was reveal this had week when jodi arias was caught in a question that really originated from the jury questions. and it came on follow up pie the prosecution by juan martinez. she was forced to admit under oath that she did not have the knife in her hand at the time she shot travis alexander.
2:58 am
>> leaplease stand for the jury. >> on her final day on the stand, jodi arias was schooled in math in the matt matt ticks. the story doesn't show up. >> you know about time. you know that movement takes time, tonight ydon't you? >> martinez says arias would not have had enough time to first go searching for the knife . he says she must have had the knife with her in the bathroom when she was taking these dimg digital pictures of a naked alexander in the shower. >> it would have taken time to actually look for it, wouldn't it? >> i guess under that theory. >> sure under that theory. it would take time, right? >> yeah, i guess. >> to prove his theory of premeditation, the prosecutor showed these two photographs taken just 62 seconds apart according to their time stamps. arias says this accidental photo
2:59 am
of the ceiling was taken after she dropped alexander's camera when she was still alive. that's when she says he lunged at her. >> in the 62 seconds between that photograph and 1k3iexhibit, you are body slammed, you get away, you get the gun, you shoot him, and then after you're able to get away, you go get the knife and he saids up at the end of the hallway, all in in 62 seconds? >> regardless of what arias is saying, the photo time stamp say something else. in this second photo taken just over a minute later, arias' foot is seen


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